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Your toolbox for the complete process of creating calculations and proposals
Flexibly calculate & create proposals

About calcIT

calcIT is a flexible CPQ software that enables you to map your individual requirements regarding calculation, quotation creation and configuration with full release capability. From the cost calculation of a single screw to the comprehensive calculation of complex engineer-to-order quotations: The CPQ software calcIT adapts 100% to your requirements. A wide variety of product structures can be calculated and configured quickly, transparently and comprehensibly, and output in different quotation templates with just a few clicks. Interfaces ensure seamless integration into the software architecture of your company.

That's why calcIT convinces

calcIT was developed in cooperation with flag ships of the German manufacturing industry in order to fully meet the complex and comprehensive requirements of a Configure Price Quote solution. calcIT has been developed as a highly flexible software to make individual adjustments possible at any time and without programming knowledge. Thanks to calcIT you have your costs under control, a reliable basis for quotations and absolute transparency in the calculation process. This allows you to drastically reduce the effort and error rate involved in creating and issuing calculations.

Proven Industry Solutions

Access pre-defined and proven industry solutions that can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements. With calcIT industry solutions, we offer you packages of industry-specific best-practice approaches and methods on the basis of which various system elements are already preconfigured in the software. This not only greatly reduces the time and effort required for software implementation, but also reduces the time to go-live and thus the costs of implementation. Of course, industry solutions can be modified or extended at will, so that your individual requirements can be implemented precisely.

Your Toolbox for the process of creating proposals  & calculations

Your Advantages

Create automated multilinguial calculations and complex proposals transparently and understandably. Connection to SAP, GAEB and many more is possible, as well.
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Easily adaptable

calcIT is flexible. Individual features can be easily integrated.
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Parallel Editing

Thanks to the live-update it is possible for many users to work simultaneously on the project.
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calcIT is available in many languages and can be customized at any time.
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The offline-client allows you to work without internet connection.
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No need of plug-ins or Clients.
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calcIT can be integrated into your system and contains numerous interfaces.
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Intercompany Processes

Cross-company calculations are possible.
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Industry solutions

Use our already available business solutions or develop together with us your own.

Create calculations & quotations

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