You can create, process and release information for the management, as compactly as you wish

Controlling Key Figures & Summaries

In calcIT you can use the financial dashboard to summarize and transparently display already calculated values on project or version level. Thanks to the predicted sales numbers different key figures and cash-flows can be shown.

To the wide range of functions belong, apart from the calculation of costs and revenues, also identification and display of cost drivers, as well as comparison of financial ratios at different quantity structures.

The function to save and log the entered values in calcIT at runtime guarantees transparency for the calculation. In addition to the simple logging, it is also possible to mark components with changed values and to link them to various approval processes.

CPQ Konfiguration Baumdiagramm

Versioning allows, therefore, for a transparent proposal process from the moment of creating the target price up to the follow-up proposal. Moreover, a complete version comparison is also possible.

Information for controlling and management can be presented in any configuration or as a summary directly in calcIT or in an exported Excel file. Templates can be generally reused for similarly priced projects. If the client makes changes to the cost books within a new project, a new template can be quickly and flexibly created on the basis of the already existing ones. The actual price details or the actual transfer of costs takes place automatically by means of these mappings.




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