Exports & Cost Books

Extensive and diverse possibilities to export to Excel allow for a flexible and freely definable data output

Flexible & freely definable data output

In order to create reports in Excel-format you can download the free tool Jasper Reports directly in calcIT. It allows the extensive configuration of Excel-Templates for a clear description of parts lists, purchase part lists, budgets, PSP-Structures, work schedules or costs reports.

You can have access to all the already defined in calcIT attributes, you can perform new computing operations and can freely define the output appearance and format. Various parameters make the additional improvement of the output parameterisation possible.

Excel export templates can be used in order to fill the cost books, which frequently are mandatorily implemented by your customers. If some cost types are broken down in the relevant for you cost books and don’t appear in the standard calculation, you can define rules for the Excel-Templates in calcIT or in Jasper Reports, which can be adjusted to the cost structure of the respective cost book.

In order to simplify the process, calcIT offers you a flexible Excel-Add In, with which intuitive Excel-Templates can be created.

Templates can be generally reused for one and the same price detailing. If the client wants to make changes to the cost books in a new project, they can quickly and flexibly use the already existing templates in order to create a new one. The actual price detailing and the actual transfer of cost types take place subsequently automatically with this mapping.




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