Variant configuration for the creation of proposals and calculations of parameterizable machines, systems or services

Structured & standardized proposal calculation

With calcIT you can partially or completely (pre-)configure products which are individually customized for your clients (in the engineer-to-order field).

The configurator allows you to gather all the information, relevant to the proposal calculation, in a structured and standardized way. With the input of valid security standards, built-in control techniques or regional specifications, you can pre-select specific components for your proposal.

With one configuration template all possible specifications, features, and forms of one product, as well as the visual representation of the configuration page can be defined in advance.

For each configuration template there is a standard sequence of websites on which you can simply and intuitively query step by step the requirements of your clients and, therefore, chose the relevant parameters, on the basis of the already established specifications and dependencies.

On the basis of the configuration templates and the data, which has already been given during the pre-configuration process, an entire proposal project will be created completely automatically. The already pre-configured proposal project can be either directly released or can be further modified in calcIT.

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