Online & Offline

Work on the same project anytime and anywhere

Working anywhere also without Internet connection

calcIT is web-based and can be used directly in the browser. In order to use it, you don’t need to install any software or browser plug-ins. You can use calcIT with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc).

In case you use calcIT somewhere where there is no secure internet connection, you can rely on the Offline-Client, which you can easily download in the browser version. In this case, the Client must be installed on the terminal device as a relevant data base.

Before you use the Offline-Client you should synchronise the proposal projects, calculations and all the necessary data with the online data bank. The version on the server can be locked for further editing and the projects, which have been edited in offline-mode, can be later on uploaded as an updated version.

This is how your calculations stay synchronized all the time – online and offline.

CPQ: Online und offline arbeiten




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