Workflows are in the position to make full use of the automation potential of calcIT

Automatize procedures & Create release processes

Via the definition of specific events or via calculation formulas, different processes in calcIT can be largely automatized. One possible use is the automatic setting of coloured highlighting immediately when a calculation project has been altered by another employee. Another possibility is locking one version for further editing in case a definite project status is selected, for example “invalid” or “submitted”

With the Workflow-Engine you can build extensive release processes. Thus, it can be determined, for example, that at a definite percentage of completion of the calculation or right before the proposal release, the project managers should be informed. For this purpose, the system sends emails to the respective people.

Modelling takes place in a graphical BPMN-Editor which offers a wide range of possibilities for automation approaches.

The calcIT Workflow-Engine can be gradually built and can be individually adjusted to your specific requests. New features will be designed together with you and will be transferred to the Engine.

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