Reliable and transparent calculation, regardless of the sector of your company or the complexity of your products and services.

Extensive Possibilities & Features

The structure of your projects can be divided with calcIT into different component types, for example equipment, assemblies, purchased parts, services or materials. Component types always consist of individual calculation rules, attributes, and cost types. With the Hierarchy-Editor you can determine which component types can be located below one another in a tree structure. The already calculated values can then be passed upwards along the structure. These can be highlighted, for example, in order to allow further post-processing..

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Intuitive Presentation

In calcIT the calculations on all possible levels are generally combined in one overall calculation. Adjust your calculation components, parameters, offer contents, standard texts, and specifications in just one, graphically intuitive, operable interface. Thanks to the hierarchy structure, the calculation and the offsetting logic can be understood not only graphically, but mathematically, as well.

Master and Project Libraries

In order to create new projects easily and quickly, you can save reusable components in the master library. All components can be, therefore, used as a reference by other libraries. This allows for a central and transparent default setup of quantity structures, prices, and other parameters within the library management.

The components which are already saved in the master library can be easily transferred simply with Drag&Drop into the project library, where they can be further modified. Moreover, project libraries serve to save customer-specific parameters, like prices, for example.

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Flexible input screen and Excel-like Spreadsheets

calcIT offers a dual screen of input screen and Excel-like spreadsheet view. Each of these can be made smaller or bigger with the help of a slide bar. In table view, it is possible for you to choose any number of columns (or calculation attributes) which you can freely arrange horizontally and also save them. Data can be entered in the input screen view, as well as in the table view, whereas both are updated no matter which one you use.

Replacement Function & Risk and Synergy

With calcIT it is possible for some component values, which meet a certain criterion, to be replaced within one subtree. This serves, for example, to reduce with a definite percentage the target costs of some components.

Thus, you can define percentage or absolute risk (synergy) for some branches of the quantity structure. This risk can be distributed on the whole structure during the process of customer calculation.

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In calcIT each value entered in an input field or table can be logged. Thereby, the new values, as well as the previous ones, the editor, and the date of the modification can be saved and later on displayed. That is how any change on the component value stays transparent all the time.




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