CPQ for logistics

CPQ für die Maschinenbauindustrie

CPQ in the logistics industry

The logistics industry is a highly competitive industry in which price and flexibility are decisive in competition. It therefore requires one thing above all: flexible and reliable calculations. Calculations must take into account different cost types, as well as shipping and payment conditions. With our CPQ solution calcIT, you can carry out automated, transparent and reliable calculations – allowing you to save valuable time and increase your competitiveness.

Secure a competitive advantage by reacting rapidly to the developments in your industry! With calcIT, you can flexibly adjust your calculations at any time and keep them transparent.

Our solution for the logistics industry explained

CPQ Maschinenbau: Fertigungsverfahren optimieren und planen

Different calculation schemes – flexible and customisable
Whether bottom-up, top-down, or target pricing: with our CPQ software calcIT you can model your current calculation scheme and calculate automatically. Even the incorporation of risks and surcharges for personnel or extra equipment happens automatically in calcIT. Our central database guarantees the simple and consistent storage of your data. Thus, your calculations are always based on current price information and you do not have to manage your data in numerous places. Thanks to our coherent low-code approach, you can simply and intuitively model every calculation scheme and carry out adjustments to the system and calculation structures yourself. Additionally, input screens can be designed flexibly and in line with your corporate ID.

Allocation of roles and rights
A huge advantage of calcIT is the sophisticated authorisation concept through which roles and project teams can be defined. This means that, particularly in larger projects, different tasks can be carried out by different divisions and teams. Moreover, through the allocation of user roles and corresponding rights, the authorisation concept ensures that staff can only view and process data required for their tasks.

CPQ für Automotive: Berechtigungskonzept
CPQ Maschinenbau: Benutzerdefinierte Transfergesetze

Multiple integration options
calcIT possesses numerous interfaces with third-party systems like SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and additional software products that enable the im- and export of files. This ensures that calcIT is optimally tailored to your needs and can be integrated into your existing system landscape and data banks. Thanks to the calcIT API, we can test custom interfaces upon request and integrate these into your system in close cooperation with you. 

Far-reaching features at a glance


Customisable calculations


Reduction of coordination efforts


Reduced processing times


Interfaces with SAP and other systems


Intuitive and transparent calculation


Flexible adjustments: changing of costs and additional requirements 


Minimisation of manual work


Available in multiple languages

Extensive CPQ functions for efficient processes in the logistics industry

Simultaneous editing of projects in the logistics area
To create compelling offers in the logistics industry, numerous factors, such as information on transport routes, types of goods, and on- and off-loading locations, must be known for calculation. The more information is available, the more realistic the calculation of costs is. Often, the required data collection is done by a sales person that is in direct contact with the customer. Since not only staff from the sales division are involved in most calculation processes, it is crucial to enable simultaneous editing of projects. With calcIT, it is possible to define user rights and provide staff with access and editor rights for the areas allocated to them. The simultaneous cooperation on projects ensures that offers can be calculated as fast as possible.

CPQ Maschinenbau: Kostenstrukturen analysieren
CPQ Maschinenbau: Rollen und Projektteams definieren

Systematic data security thanks to versioning
Options for simultaneous editing in calcIT provide numerous benefits. Especially since all settings – in menu structures, release documents, or contents – can be adjusted in different languages. The respective language vectors can be selected as needed. This ensures that collaboration on projects remains possible even if staff work in different languages and from different corners of the world. But what ensures that everyone always works on the most up-to-date project version? calcIT is structured to ensure that changes to the software are always versioned. This guarantees that your existing calculation continues to function as usual even after a software update. The same applies when adjustments to calculation rules or input screens are made. calcIT provides a transparent project history with an option to see which users made changes.

Workflows and release processes in the logistics area
Thanks to the opportunity to define different workflows and calculation formulas, processes can be largely automated in calcIT. Highlights can be used, for instance, whenever input values in a calculation project have been changed by a member of staff. Additionally, project versions can be blocked automatically when a certain project status is selected. Via the workflow engine, it is furthermore possible to illustrate complicated authorisation processes in calcIT. This way, you can determine that authorisation from a project manager must be sought at a certain completion level of a calculation, or before the issuing of an offer.

CPQ Maschinenbau: Datensätze importieren

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