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Reflect global company structures with calcIT

In the digital era, companies are becoming increasingly international. The internet and digital technologies enable us to send out contracts to anywhere in the world with one click. For some companies, this might involve establishing new business models in neighbouring industries. calcIT possesses a granularly-adjustable eligibility concept, that places no limits on the desired distribution of tasks and protection of system functions. The offline client supports the reflection of complex company structures – enabling maximum flexibility and global accessibility.

calcIT CPQ Intercompany: Globale Konzernstruktur abbilden

Offline client

Access projects at any time and from anywhere in the world. With calcIT, your projects are always perfectly in sync – online and offline.


Eligibility concept

Access to functions can be defined over rights in calcIT. Every function of the software is independently adjustable.

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The reproduction of complex company structures allows for cross-company and flexible calculations.

Comprehensive reflection of global company structures

Intercompany CPQ: Unternehmensstrukturen abbilden

Reflection of group structures
In a dispersed and global economic system, it is important to incorporate contributions of affiliates through subcontracting or delivery splits in a joint calculation, and to integrate these in an overall offer. Through the structuring in organisational and business units, custom demands of single or country-specific divisions can be illustrated. For group-wide calculations, transfer rules can be defined in calcIT.

Eligibility concept
Every object and function is independently adjustable through rights and roles. Roles, which consist of a specific number of rights, can be defined and allocated to users. Users can simultaneously possess multiple or diverging roles in different business units. Via view sets, custom interfaces with specific information and input screens can be configured for the purposes of different users and user groups. 

Berechtigungskonzept für Intercompany CPQ

Organisational units and business areas

Organisationseinheiten abbilden

Organisational units

Organisational units correspond with the highest hierarchy level in a company. Through them, top-level group structures like divisions can be illustrated. Smaller companies tend to consist of only one organisational unit that is divided into several business units.

CPQ Intercompany: Geschäftsbereiche abbilden

Business units

The calcIT calculation occurs on business-unit level. For each business unit, outlook and calculation rules can be defined. You can, for example, determine that the master data entity ‘customers’ applies for the entire business group, while ‘tariffs’ only applies for a specific business unit.

CPQ Intercompany: Rollen und Rechte definieren

Roles and rights

Users can occupy multiple roles in different business units. This means that a member of staff can have full access in their unit, while merely being allowed to view objects in another unit.

CPQ Intercompany für weltweiten Einsatz

Global usability

All settings – in menu structures, interfaces, output documents or contents – can be changed in multiple languages. The respective language vectors can be chosen freely. This ensures global usability and allows for the parallel editing of projects irrespective of language.

Nonstop availability – online & offline

Global einsetzbares intercompany CPQ

Global usability
All objects can be administered in multiple languages in calcIT. Intuitive tools allow for the upkeep of text content in an unlimited number of languages. Documents and reports can be released irrespective of the current system language with one click. Entries in calcIT are automatically visible for all users thanks to the online databank. Thereby, global usability and the language-independent and parallel processing of projects is ensured.

Online & offline
calcIT is web-based and usable with all current browsers. Through the offline client, it is nevertheless possible to use calcIT without internet connection. To make this possible, your project data is synchronised with an online databank. The online version can be blocked for editing so that the projects edited offline can be uploaded as new versions. This ensures that your projects are always perfectly in sync – online and offline.

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