Project management functions

for coherent digital business processes
Projektmanagement mit calcIT

Elaborate functions for transparent business processes

When a job has been won, it is normally processed as a project. Rarely, a large project is completed by a single person alone. More commonly, the project is split into separate tasks shared by several people. With calcIT, you can break down large tasks into as many smaller tasks as you wish whilst always keeping track of them. Whether concerning the administration of change requests, task management, or the creation of meeting protocols or capacity plans: calcIT is your toolbox for the illustration of individual business processes.

Project management

Your toolbox for individual business processes

Thanks to calcIT, you always keep track of all projects and can simply and speedily create overview reports. This helps you save valuable time and prevent system breakdowns.

Concurrent calculation

Mitlaufende Kalkulation

Real-time updates

With calcIT, you can compare your actual values with the values used in your offer calculation side-by-side and at any time. Values from change requests and manually estimated deviations are also directly included in the concurrent calculation.

Change request management

Change Request Management_calcIT

Flexibly include adjustments

Things frequently change as projects progress. This means that the original plan may need to be adjusted. With calcIT you can automatically include all internal and external changes in the (concurrent) calculation and never lose track of your projects.

Task management

Task Management

Individual task management

calcIT allows you to divide large tasks into as many sub-tasks as you like and to distribute them to an unlimited number of staff. Through individual status reports, key figures can be easily and imminently displayed.

Meeting reports


Issuing of protocols

With calcIT, you can manage everything in one space – even your meeting notes. This prevents you from ever having to arduously search through your computer for protocols, as you will find them directly in the respective project.

Capacity planning


COMING SOON: Simple resource planning

The budgeting of resources can take up much time. With calcIT, you can automate your capacity planning. Required resources and hours are automatically spread over a predefined duration and planned in SAP.

Low-code customizing

Low Code Customizing

Simply & intuitively adjustable

Carry out custom adjustments yourself – simply and without the need for programming skills! Thanks to opportunities for versioning, calcIT retains full release capability even while adjustments are being made.

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