Reporting & controlling


Comprehensive export opportunities

Multiple and comprehensive export opportunities to Excel guarantee a flexible data exchange. In addition, you can access all attributes defined in calcIT, determine new calculation operations, and shape the design and format of the output.

CPQ Reporting & Controlling mit calcIT: Umfangreiche Exportmöglichkeiten

Generate controlling figures directly in calcIT 

Excel-Reports für CPQ Controlling und Reporting

Excel reports
For the generation of tabular reports in Excel you can download Jasper Reports for free in calcIT. This tool enables the comprehensive configuration of Excel templates. For instance for a neat outline of stocklists, parts lists, budgets, PSP structures, work plans, or cost reports. Furthermore, you can access all attributes defined in calcIT, determine new calculation operations, and choose the design and format of outputs. Multiple parameters allow for additional refinement and parameterisation of outputs.

Filling in of costbooks
Excel templates can be used to fill in the cost books frequently used by your customers. Should various cost types be itemised in these that are not contained in your standard calculation, you can define rules to adjust your cost structure to that of the respective cost books. To reduce this effort, we are offering a flexible Excel add-in with which suitable Excel templates can be created intuitively.

Costbooks befüllen für CPQ Controlling und Reporting

calcIT makes it possible to generate, process, and issue controlling figures for the company management within the calculation.

Various comprehensive export options to Excel ensure a flexible and customisable data release.

Sophisticated functions – for the custom calculation of projects 

Dashboard für Finanzkennzahlen in CPQ

Dashboard for financial figures
With a dashboard for financial figures, values calculated in calcIT can be condensed on project or version level and depicted clearly. Via estimated sales figures, cash flow streams, ROIs, amortisation cycles and various key figures can be investigated over their entire life cycle. The calculation of cost or revenue portions and identification of cost drivers are also part of the package. Key figures contained in different project versions can either be compared directly in calcIT or through an Excel report. 

Evaluation of cross-project figures
Beside the controlling of single projects, it is possible to evaluate cross-project figures in calcIT. Compile comprehensive Excel reports for all projects prepared in calcIT. With the help of calcIT’s project administration, figures and attributes can be filtered easily and compared directly in the programme.

Auswertung projektübergreifender Kennzahlen für CPQ

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