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CPQ Templates für jede Branche mit calcIT

Templates for every industry

Access preconfigured and tested industry solutions that can be flexibly tailored to your specific needs. With our calcIT industry solutions, we are offering you packages of industry-specific best-practice approaches and methods, based on which various system elements have already been preconfigured in the software. This not only drastically reduces the effort involved in the software implementation process, but also the time required for completion and cost of the implementation. Industry solutions can of course be adjusted or extended at your discretion, ensuring that your unique demands are fittingly realised.

Best-practice industry solutions

Benefit from our best-practice industry solutions that can be entirely customised to meet your requirements. On request, we develop with you your own template to make your calculation process even more efficient. 

calcIT CPQ Automotive
calcIT CPQ Baugewerbe
calcIT CPQ für Handelswaren
calcIT CPQ für Handelswaren
calcIT CPQ Baugewerbe
calcIT CPQ für Maschinenbau
calcIT CPQ Engineer-to-Order
calcIT CPQ Individuallösung
calcIT CPQ Individuallösung

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