Mechanical engineering

CPQ für die Maschinenbauindustrie

CPQ in the mechanical engineering industry

The mechanical engineering industry is known for frequently changing parameters, complex customer projects and production under strict regulations. A flexible CPQ system that provides your company with a fast, clear and reliable calculation of all costs and prices is a key requirement to successfully operate in this dynamic market.

Using calcIT, you ensure that your company always stays in full control of cost situations. Benefitting from tried and tested calculation methods from the mechanical engineering industry and a matching CPQ software tailored to your needs, you can keep machines “made in Germany” permanently profitable.

Our industry solution for mechanical engineering explained

CPQ Maschinenbau: Fertigungsverfahren optimieren und planen

Optimise & plan production processes
calcIT helps you carry out a modular and flexible product and price calculation through which you can optimise your existing production processes and plan new ones. The CPQ software equips you with the right tools to calculate your offers based on familiar and new materials, components and processes. The transparent calculation of production costs allows you to identify cost drivers and uncover potential for cost reduction.

Customisable to meet specific requirements
calcIT is not tied to a fixed structure and can therefore be tailored to your specific requirements and production processes. Even highly complex calculations that differ significantly from the methods and structures customary in the industry can be illustrated effortlessly thanks to calcIT’s flexible structure. A central and company-wide database guarantees that your calculations are always based on current price information and parameters for purchase and development parts. Moreover, it ensures that you can maintain product and component catalogues from one central space. 

CPQ Maschinenbau: Individuelle Anforderungen abdecken
CPQ Maschinenbau: Benutzerdefinierte Transfergesetze

Custom transfer rules
Even the identification of predefined price details, that is often required for open book accounting, can be illustrated with calcIT. A flexible Excel add-in allows for the creation of reusable templates that support the transfer of calculation positions into the cost breakdowns of your customers. International supply chains and corporate structures can also be illustrated in calcIT via transfer metrics. Custom transfer rules allow you to copy modules calculated in different currencies or plants and use them in your own calculations. Of course, it is also possible to illustrate target costs with calcIT to determine margins or contribution margins. 

Far-reaching features at a glance


Transparent cost calculation based on methods, components and processes customary in the industry


Rapid generation and comparison of price information 


Different calculation logics (e.g. target costing)


Illustration of international supply chains and foreign currencies via transfer metrics


Comprehensive analysis and simulation possibilities


Interfaces, processes and methods are customisable and extendable


Creation of offer or calculation projects with a configurator


Consistent and transparent planning and calculation of long-term programmes that covers their entire lifespan


Investment calculation for new processes and production facilities


Open-book accounting through a flexible Excel add-in


Central and company-wide data storage with reusable components


Interfaces with SAP and other software products


Comprehensive and customisable Excel outputs for reporting and controlling


Customise component types without programming skills

Extensive CPQ functions for the mechanical engineering industry

Analysis of cost structures
Through comprehensive analysis and simulation functions, calcIT enables you to generate economic key figures for prognoses over the entire lifespan of your products (e.g. to estimate future sales figures). Based on these, reliable statements on the profitability of your products and projects can be deduced. Investments for new processes can be integrated and assessed transparently in your calculations. Moreover, calcIT allows you to carry out a comprehensive analysis of cost structures on all levels of your calculations. All required information can be illustrated in individually configurable Excel reports.

CPQ Maschinenbau: Kostenstrukturen analysieren
CPQ Maschinenbau: Rollen und Projektteams definieren

Definition of roles and project teams
calcIT‘s comprehensive authorisation concept allows you to define roles and project teams. In turn, various people and divisions can fulfil different tasks within larger projects. This ensures that mechanical and electrical dimensions can be calculated separately, or that projects can be preconfigured by sales. The biggest advantage is that an unlimited number of people can collaborate on a project, and even work on the same component simultaneously thanks to interactive real-time updates. Moreover, the authorisation concept guarantees that staff can only view and edit elements in calcIT that are required for their specific role.

Import of datasets
Through interfaces with SAP, Salesforce, and other software products required for the ex- and import of datasets, calcIT can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software architecture. Automated workflows allow for the illustration of authorisation processes or the blocking of entire calculation projects. This ensures that the cost calculation can be integrated into your authorisation processes. 

CPQ Maschinenbau: Datensätze importieren

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