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CPQ Customizing: Oberflächen-Editor

Surface editor
A graphic editor allows you to effortlessly adjust the surfaces of all elements adjustable in calcIT, such as component or master data types. New input screens can be created as speedily as entire charts or formatting rules.

Workflow engine
Processes in calcIT can be automated substantially via the definition of events or calculation formulas. The illustration of workflows occurs in a graphic BPMN editor, whose performance range is gradually extended according to customer demands.

CPQ Customizing: Workflow-Engine
CPQ Customizing: Versionierung und Releasefähigkeit

Versioning & release capacity
Custom adjustments can be versioned and thus do not impair the release capacity. A new or adapted configuration of calcIT can be transported easily and comfortably. For instance, between the development and the productive system.

Low-code customizing in calcIT

CPQ Customizing: Komponententypen

Component types

With the calcIT component type designer, you can adjust component types including surfaces, attributes or calculation rules.

CPQ Customizing: Workflows


Release processes can be outlined via the workflow engine. This allows you, for instance, to determine that authorisation from a project manager must be sought when a calculation reaches a certain stage of completion.

CPQ Customizinh: Hierarchie-Editor

Hierarchy editor

Through the hierarchy editor, you can define the hierarchy levels of component types in the structure tree. Therein, component types can also be restructured according to duration.

calcIT customizing occurs directly in the browser

Export templates
Word templates are configured in the document designer and can be enriched with attributes like numbers, texts and graphics. Wide-ranging formatting rules allow for the detailed and elaborate design of offers. Via the intuitive and free-of-charge tool Jasper Reports, report templates in the form of complex, diagram-rich Excel reports can be created.

Exportvorlagen für CPQ Customizing
Hierarchien und Rechenregeln für CPQ Customizing

Calculation rules & hierarchies
In a calculation rule editor, common calculation rules and all applicable attributes are transparently and comprehensibly deposited and can be combined with a few clicks. For complex formulas, the input of JavaScript functions is possible. Relations between components are defined in the hierarchy editor, where you can also determine how attributes should be added vertically.

Third-party editor
SAP and OData interfaces can be configured directly in calcIT through an integrated editor. Via the structure tree, parameters and module structures can be viewed and attributes in calcIT linked to value storages of external systems.

3rd-Party-Editor für SAP- und OData-Schnittsellen im CPQ Customizing

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