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A clear presentation of complex corporate structures allows for intercompany calculations

Organisational & Business Units

In a global economic system it is important that parts of the scope of some group companies be integrated in one overall proposal through subcontracting or delivery split. Thanks to the subdivision into organisational units and business units, individual requests of separate divisions or country-specific business units can be modelled.

CPQ Intercompany Overview

Organisational Units

Generally, the organisational units correspond to the highest levels of one company. With them, top-level corporate structures, like divisions for example, can be illustrated.

Smaller companies consist usually of just one organisational unit, which in turn consists of single business units.

Business Units

In calcIT, the calculation takes place on the business units level. For each business unit, view and calculation rules will be defined for every component category.

You can define for which hierarchy levels the master data entity is going to be valid. In this way, you will be able to define that the entity „clients“ is valid for the whole business group, while “tariff” – only for some business units.

CPQ Intercompany Overview

Users can have different roles in different business units. This way, an employee can have full access rights in their business unit, while in others they can have just read-only rights on different objects.

All settings – in the menu structures, surfaces, output documents or contents, are always available in different languages. The respective language vectors are selectable at any time. In this way, a global, language-independent use and processing of projects is guaranteed.

In order to perform an inter-company calculation, which includes a number of business units with numerous component types and attributes, you can define rules in calcIT, which in turn transfer values or map attributes with one another.




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