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Change request management simplified 

Throughout the duration of a project, it often happens that some aspects do not proceed as originally planned. Irrespective of whether the client voices change requests, or the initially estimated amount of required working hours does not suffice: adjustments must be recorded and incorporated. Otherwise, dissatisfaction, frustration on both ends, and high additional costs must be expected. With calcIT, you can transparently manage all changes and automatically incorporate them into concurrent calculations.

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Your client voices change requests halfway through a project that cause more work and thus lead to higher costs? No problem! With our change-request-management functions, you can respond flexibly and transparently to adjustments.

Keep changes transparent 

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Manage all internal and external changes
It is no rarity to encounter changes as a project proceeds. However, this can easily lead to non-transparency: who requested these changes and where were they recorded? Using calcIT, you can fix this problem by directly incorporating all internal and external changes into the respective project to be recorded and administered in a central space – allowing everyone to comprehend when and by whom changes were made.


Automatically incorporate changes into your calculations
Generally, any changes made during a project affect its costs. The result: the original calculation on the basis of which your offer was made is no longer correct. Manually compiling a new calculation not only costs much time but is also error-prone. calcIT factors in all adjustments and incorporates them automatically into the concurrent calculation. This allows you to always keep the effects on project costs transparent.


Authorise change requests rapidly

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Automated creation of change-request offers
When internal changes are required, these must normally be authorised by the client since adjustments tend to cause an increase in cost. With calcIT, you can create editable change-request offers with a few clicks and send them to your client for authorisation to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements.

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Transparent authorisation status
Especially when it comes to multiple adjustments and change-request offers, it is crucial to keep track of which changes where authorised and which were not. Through calcIT’s change-request-management functions, you can view the status of all changes and understand which of them were authorised.

Transparente Freigaben

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