Concurrent calculation

Keep track of your estimated and actual costs

Quick and hassle-free comparison of estimated and actual costs?

No problem with calcIT! Often, several things change throughout a project that impact its costs: more working hours may be required, or change requests might be made by the client. With calcIT, all changes, as well as deviation estimates by the project manager and team members’ time confirmations, are immediately incorporated into the calculation. You can also see a direct comparison between actual values and those contained in the initial calculation. Which numbers are compared is up to you. We set up the concurrent calculation according to your needs.

Mitlaufende Kalkulation

Using calcIT, you will never have to manually update your project calculations. The concurrent calculation directly inserts all adjustments, as well as values from time confirmations, into your calculations and compares all actual and estimated costs.

All costs at a glance

Individuelle Strukturen in CPQ Kalkulationen abbilden

Values from the contract calculation 
View the values on which your offer was based at any time. They are itemised according to cost / service type, allowing you to achieve transparency and compare actual and estimated costs. The concurrent calculation also serves as an early warning system that helps you detect when interference becomes necessary. 


Actual values from time confirmations
In production and manufacturing, confirmations of machine and working times are the norm since they are crucial for calculations. calcIT considers all confirmed times and incorporates them into the concurrent calculation. This way, costs can be itemised according to cost / service type. Thanks to the process integration of calcIT and SAP, it is irrelevant whether times were confirmed in calcIT or SAP.


Simply incorporate adjustments

Werte aus Change Request

Values from change requests
Arising adjustments can be incorporated with the function for change request management. All adjustments are automatically incorporated into the concurrent calculation and are taken into consideration respectively. This allows you to detect the consequences of individual adjustments for overall costs – for instance when more working hours are required than originally planned – and to compare actual costs with the values used in the initial calculation.

Schätzungen durch Projektleiter

Deviation estimates 
Sometimes, you may already expect deviations. In such situations, project managers and other authorised persons can manually adjust individual values, such as working hours. Manual entries are immediately shown and recorded in the concurrent calculation. This enables you to identify later on which team member carried out the adjustment and why.

Schätzungen durch Projektleiter

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