Task management

for cOMPREHENSIBLE and transparent project tracking

All tasks and responsibilities at a glance

Task management and process tracking is a central element of project management. Therefore, it is essential to manage all tasks centrally and transparently in one space. With calcIT, you can create the required transparency and obtain an all-in-one concept to keep track of all tasks, responsibilities, and progress. Making it easier to recognise when interference and adjustments are required, calcIT can help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Task Management

We understand that there cannot be one single solution for task management. Therefore, we have developed a solution that is 100% customisable according to your requirements: from the definition of master data boxes to the release layout.

Transparent processes

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Management of all open tasks
Rarely, a project is processed as one large task and by only one person. More commonly, a large, central task is split into several sub-tasks that are completed by different members of staff. Depending on the scope of the project, keeping track of all tasks can be a huge challenge. With calcIT, you can manage all open tasks transparently and centrally within the project, and can find all important information, including on responsibility, status, and level of completion.


Issuing of status reports
Your supervisor or client has requested a comprehensive status report? Manually compiling one is time consuming and error-prone. Enabling you to issue a status report with one click, calcIT helps you to avoid this. Content and scope can be individually selected each time and with minimal effort. Your supervisor, for example, will be able to see who is responsible for which task, while your client will merely receive a description and information on the level of completion in percent.


Neatly structured

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Discretionary structuring of tasks
With calcIT, you can structure all sub-tasks hierarchically. No matter how many sub-tasks you wish to add or how far you choose to divide them: calcIT conforms to your needs. The neat visualisation in the tree structure makes project tracking easier and creates transparency.

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No system interruptions 
One of calcIT’s major benefits is that it allows you to carry out your entire project management in one system. You do not need to jump between different applications and can be certain that all data is up to date. You would like to (additionally) store and monitor your projects in SAP? No problem! Thanks to the process integration of calcIT and SAP, you can add your projects as simply and quickly as never before and keep all your data in sync.

Keine Systembrueche

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